Call for Papers

Preliminary Call for Papers & Participation

The Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) cordially invites all practitioners, policymakers, and academicians to participate in the 44th Conference of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA) to be held in Singapore from 29th to 30th November 2019.

Theme: The New ASEAN Economy

In an age of technological disruption and geopolitical uncertainty, the new ASEAN Economy faces a new set of challenges and opportunities. There will be changes in the way in which consumers make decisions, the operations of firms and how policies are being implemented in the region. On this regard, this conference seeks to bring together recent contributions in understanding the new ASEAN Economy.

The Organizing Committee of the 44th Conference of the FAEA, with the support of all the FAEA members, invites papers on all theoretical, empirical and policy topics related to the main conference themes of the new ASEAN Economy including (but not limited to) the following sub-topics.

List of Topics

Antitrust/competition policy
Agricultural Economics
Banking and Financial Markets
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Competition and Innovation Frameworks and Incentives
Econometric Models and Applications
Economic History and Economic Thought
Economics of Policy and Governance
Economics of Social Issues
Economics of Technology
Emerging Economies and Economic Transitions
Energy Economics and Energy Policy
Environmental Economics
Household Finance
International Trade
Market Based Incentives and Trading Schemes
Monetary Policy
Natural Resource Economics
Population, Demography and Fertility
Public Finance, Taxation, and Fiscal Policy
Public Health Economics and Infrastructure Planning
Public Economics and Public Policy
Role and Impact of China, India and other Emerging Economies
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Investing
Transport Economics
Transportation Planning and Policy
Urban Economics and Challenges of Urbanization